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A bold agency deserving of a bold brand

Nebo is an Atlanta, GA based digital agency with a staff of 30 people with their sites set on world domination (or something like that). The agency and the people have a ton of personality and we wanted to make sure that the brand could live up to it.

Nebo Agency Axes
Nebo Agency Logo and Swatches

Saying everything with type and color

For the Nebo logo we wanted to create something that typographically represented all of the key characteristics of the company. Nebo is a lot smaller than some of the big agencies that it encounters in the industry, but that doesn’t mean they can’t pump out the same quality work. We wanted a logo that felt quick and agile but at the same time felt strong and dependable. With the colors we wanted to convey an smart, authentic and approachable tone that fits inline with the personality of the people and company.

Nebo Agency Brand Applications