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Freelance Again — After a move to Brooklyn, NY I am back in the freelance game taking on all kinds of projects. Contact me.

New York, NY

Nebo Agency — As the Art Director at Nebo, I was creative lead on a variety of projects including designing for web, photography, video, and branding.

Atlanta, GA

Portfolio Center — Teaching eager minds design with a focus on the digital space. Courses: Designing for Web I, II, II. XHTML & CSS.

Atlanta, GA

IQ Agency — In 2008 I decided to hang up my freelance shoes for a while and become a full-time employee. I spent my time at IQ as a Sr. Designer and my roles ranged from design to photography to video to development.

Atlanta, GA

Freelance — Since 2000 I have been freelancing with various studios and agencies around the country as well as working directly with clients.

Atlanta, GA


Savannah College of Art and Design
BFA with honors in Graphic Design

Graduated Spring 2007
Savannah & Atlanta, GA

Built for the iPad

Since the iPad came out I've really enjoyed how much more engaging content could be compared to clicking and scrolling on a computer. Everytime I design something new I pull it up on the iPad and for some reason it just looks better. There's something magical about holding your work in your hands instead of staring at it a few feet away.

I also remember seeing the first iPad magazine apps and thinking to myself, "Why does this have to be an app? Can't it just be a website?" Turns out it can be a website (kind of) but it was not easy. In June of 2011 I started working on the first version of this site in my free time. I had the code up and running just in time for iOS 5 to come out and break it completely. A little defeated, I gave up on it for a while. After a few months I decided to start over and finally managed to get it running. Its not perfect, and the iPad definitely has some trouble loading so much content at once, but I'm really happy with how it turned out. If you aren't currently on an iPad, you should definitely check out the site on one when you have the chance.

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Alternate Gothic, FF Tisa, & Abril Display hosted via TypeKit

Code used

Scrollability, jQuery, & Hotkeys.js

Thanks to

Erika Cheng, Mihai Cernusca, Kyle Hale, Joe Hewitt, Benjamin Lupton, Tzury Bar Yochay, TR42, Stack Overflow, and everyone who helped me test this thing.