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The ‘Kleenex’ of off-airport parking

Park ‘N Fly is seen by many as the general name for all off-airport parking. In truth though they are the industry leader and are starting to offer other convenient on-site services such as car washes, oil changes, and pet boarding to become “More than just parking.”

They came to Nebo Agency to create a website that increased online bookings and better illustrated the services offered. We also created a more focused mobile site allowing users to easily find locations as well as book and manage online reservations.

Increase bookings online and on location

One of the main goals of this site was to increase online bookings. We accomplished this by making calls to action for reservations very prominent and easy to access. We also streamlined a rather complex and lengthy checkout process which lead to a 24% increase in online coversions.

In addition, we wanted to try and help customers remember to park with Park ‘N Fly based on location. By featuring the map large instead of small and tucked away, we hope to help the user remember Park ’N Fly the next time they’re on the way to the airport and need a safe place to leave their car.

+24% Increase in conversions

Innovative drainage pipe that saves time, money, and Elbow grease

FLEX-Drain wanted to make a splash in the marketplace, convincing hard-to-impress contractors and landscapers that their flexible drainage pipe worked better than the competition. With our help, the challenge against “the other guys” was on!

The Problems and Our Solutions

When FLEX-Drain came to Nebo Agency, they had a few goals. They wanted to increase awareness in the drainage product space with consumers and professional contractors. Contractors were often skeptical of the product and we knew consumers would love how much easier it made home drainage projects.

Proof of a Superior Product

We needed to find a way to show contractors that FLEX-Drain was better than the standard drainage pipe they were used to. Its faster, cheaper, and just as strong. We figured what better way to prove it than a good old fashion race. And with that, “The FLEX-Drain Challenge” was born. A video piece featuring two teams, two identical courses, and two products.

Not just a product
but a resource

Another component of our solution was to create a series of instructional videos to help consumers with common home drainage projects. Along with these videos we created a Drainage Solution Finder to help customers diagnose drainage problems and find solutions. These components of the site helped to drastically improve organic and paid search traffic to the site.

The Flex-Drain builder

The last main component of the site was a tool to help consumers figure out how much drainage pipe they would need for their project. We created a simple and fun builder tool to allow customers to roughly map out the project they were looking to complete.

The website for
the theme park for
the book series

Long before anyone knew about Universal’s latest park, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, we were hard at work creating the online experience for this magical world.

How do we make the site feel as
special as the park and books?

We wanted to create an adventure on the website. Something to engage viewers and allow them to feel the excitement of the park. We created an interactive story that starts with a mysterious bump on the way to Hogwarts causing everyone’s luggage to be scattered about. The users task is to recover all of their items throughout the site in exchange for a reward (coupons, candy, discounts, etc).

navigation for two different audiences

While we wanted to make the experience as exciting as possible for the Harry Potter fans, we needed to make sure parents looking only to purchase tickets could do so easily. We included a simplified navigation in the top left with links to purchase tickets, park information, and disable site audio. For the Harry Potter fans we created a game-like interface located along the bottom of the screen.

Just like the movies

When this project started we got together and immersed ourselves in the Harry Potter world. Watching the movies, taking quizes to find out what house we belonged in, and even a wand choosing ceremony. We wanted to make the site as much like the Harry Potter world as possible. When you send or receive a message on the site its delivered by owls. When you read the news on the website the pictures move and animate just like in the movies.