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365 Days of Creativity

From January 2010 through December 2010 I set out to create something every day. I tried to keep the time investment in the 30 minute to an hour mark. I think the biggest thing I discovered is that I hate scanning in Polaroids. I still have a stack of them on my desk that need to be scanned and uploaded to finish out the series. Checkout the site and click around a bit.

Odds and Ends

This is a small collection of various personal projects I’ve worked on in recent years ranging from photography to time-lapse video to beard and mousetache growing. I hope you enjoy them.

Time Lapse

A few years ago I spent some time learning time lapse video techniques. Here are a few videos shot from a balcony overlooking Peachtree Street in Atlanta, GA.

Foggy night in Atlanta

I ran the camera from about 1am to 10am. The moon looks amazing and I'm not quite sure what some of the lights that dart across the sky are.

Atlanta Pride Parade

For this one I used a super clamp to suspend my camera off the balcony railing to get an overhead shot. Photos taken every 3 seconds.

Sunset to Sunrise

Photos taken every 10 seconds from sunset to sunrise. The night gets a little long but is still quite beautiful.

In the land of beard and moustache

From 2009 to 2011 I participated in an online celebration of moustache called Moustache May and a beard growing contest called Whiskerino. These celebrations involved people around the world posting themed photos daily showing off their beards and moustaches. While facial hair was required, Whiskerino and Moustache May were mostly about creativity and good people. Here are a few of my favorite photos from Moustache May and Whiskerino. Note that Photoshop is not allowed.

Theme: Color

The acrylic paint did not clean up easily.

Theme: Music

Long exposure and flash photography to create a faux double exposure effect.

Theme: Upside Down

Long exposure with flash fired twice. Once with the camera right side up and once with the camera upside down.

Photoshop Day

One day each year the participants are allowed to use photoshop. Along with a little photoshop I also included a couple javascript tricks to make it look as though I was coming out of the normal photo area of the site.

Rainbow Week

While not an official theme, I decided to create a rainbow of photos using different colored shirts and flash color gels.

My Name is Casey

I’m a digital art director living in Brooklyn, NY and currently working with awesome people at Huge in DUMBO. I don’t much care what the medium is as long as the goal is to create something complete, well-thought out, and really, really good looking. I love people, dogs, beards, moustaches, vespas, screen printing, letterpress, touch screens, the internet, typography, cameras, film, simple shapes, good music, good food, rubik’s cubes, table tennis and yoyos.


My first website

The year was 1997, fashion was at an all-time high and the web was young and beautiful&emdash;well&emdash;it was young. We didn’t have internet at home so in order to make my websites my parents would drop me off at the public library and I’d get to work in MS Paint and Microsoft Notepad. Sadly I have no record of these websites thanks to the demise of Tripod and Geocities.


BS Webdesign

Sometime in 2000 a friend and I started a web design company to make websites for local businesses. We were legit too, even had a business license. My last name is Britt and his last name is Sawyer, so naturally we were BS Webdesign.


I believe you have my stapler

In 2001 my best friend introduced me to the movie “Office Space” and it literally changed my life. Up until this point in my life I wanted to be a computer programmer, but after seeing this movie I decided that maybe the life of a cubicle monkey wasn’t for me. Since I was designing websites and had even graduated from MS Paint to Photoshop, graphic design was the logical choice.


Freelance & College

By the time 2003 rolled around my business partner had switched his focus to video and through online contacts I had made I started freelancing for various agencies around the US and Canada. I also started college at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA. After 2 years there the SCAD Atlanta campus opened up and I bee lined it for the city.


The Full-Time Agency Life

After college I continued to work freelance, but after a short contract at IQ Agency in Atlanta I decided I’d give the full-time employee thing a try. I worked at IQ as a Sr. Designer for 2 years before taking an opportunity as an Art Director at Nebo Agency.


No Sleep Till Brooklyn

In the summer of 2011 I moved to Brooklyn and decided to get back to the Freelance game. After a year and a half, I decided to stay put for a bit as a Digital Art Director at Huge.